Research and Education in the Institute for Telecommunication, Radioelectronics and Electronic Engineering

Latvijas Universitātes Cietvielu fizikas institūta, Doktorantūras skolas „Funkcionālie materiāli un nanotehnoloģijas”, Maģistra programmas B kursa „Aktuālas materiālu un cietvielu fizikas problēmas” zinātniskais seminārs 25. oktobrī plkst. 14:00, LU CFI, Ķengaraga ielā 8, 2.stāva zālē uzstājas Prof. Sergii Ubizskii, (Department of Semiconductor Electronics, Lviv Polytechnic National University, Lviv, Ukraine). The introductory presentation acquaints with activity of one of the research and educational institute of the oldest technical university of Easter Europe – Lviv Polytechnic National University – Institute for Telecommunication, Radioelectronics and Electronic Engineering. The Institute consists of seven departments that carry out the education in specialities connected with all branches of hardware for information technology. The research activity of Institute's departments and R&D Laboratories is close to corresponding scientific directions starting from physical principles of electronic devices operation, material science and technology of materials for electronic engineering, propagation of signals of different origin, complex radioelectronic systems' operation up to principles of info-communication networks organization and management. The main developments of the Institute's departments will be presented. The particular attention will be payed to research activity of the Laboratory of Oxide Crystals of R&D Center of Solid State Electronics and Sensors at Department of Semiconductor Electronics which is dealing with basic and applied research of materials and devices for quantum, acousto-, magneto- and optoelectronics, acousto- and magneto-optics, detectors of radiation, transducers and sensors of magnetic field, etc. Basic research are directed for investigation of structure, optical and magnetic properties of complex oxides in different form – single crystals, crystalline films, ceramic, nanoparticles and composites. Applied research directions are oriented for control of properties of materials, improving them by means of synthesis technology and/or after-growth treatment, etc., optimizing of device functionality, development of specific techniques for materials' properties estimation. The main result of fulfilled and current project will be presented.