Electrooptical control and other specialty fiber applications

Latvijas Universitātes Cietvielu fizikas institūta, Doktorantūras skolas „Funkcionālie materiāli un nanotehnoloģijas” zinātniskais seminārs 25. maijā plkst. 13:00, LU CFI, Ķengaraga ielā 8, 2.stāva zālē uzstājas Walter Margulis (Department of Fiber Optics, RISE Acreo AB, & Department of Applied Physics, KTH Royal Institute of Technology).

Optical fibers are successful in telecommunications for being passive low loss waveguides that are weakly affected by environmental influence. Fibers can also be exploited as active elements for light control and sensing. In this talk we will describe some examples of fiber designs and applications developed at Swedish Research Institute RISE Acreo, at an interface between industry and academy. In particular, we will describe how to transform a fiber into an element responsive to electric fields (by poling) and some practical examples of applications of this technique.

Informācija par lektoru:

Walter Margulis is a senior scientist at RISE Acreo and guest professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, having worked for 30 years in photonics and specialtyoptical fibers. Some of the research lines developed are nonlinear optics, distributed sensing and optofluidics in fibers.

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