Knovel - Engineering Village

Roman Bogachev (ELSEVIER) Knovel is a product where all relevant and up to date engineeringinformation is being collected and made available via different tools:
  1. best engineering journals, books, articles (everything is full text, notonly from Elsevier, but also other publishers) categorized in 36 categoriesand made available online (indexed, searchable, downloadable etc). Eachcategory has its editorial board, that reviews information, ensures it iscredible and reliable, after that it is being stored in Elsevier cloud;
  2. largest materials DB (chemical, physical and other properties);
  3. interactive equations and graphs on most popular engineeringsubjects (thermodynamics, electrics etc);
  4. state of the art search engine designed by engineers for engineers. Itallows to find answers to questions instantly, understands differencebetween various units (C vs K, etc) and is made for engineering inquiries.
Typical user profile are engineering companies that are looking for away to quickly find the best available knowledge in order to develop newproducts, improve existing or when carrying out outsourced engineeringprojects. Knovel being used by 97 out of 100 highest ranking polytech unies inthe world, as well as leading tech and engineering companies.