The next ISSP UL / Doctoral school "Functional materials and nanotechnologies" scientific workshop will take place on February, 16.

The topic of the workshop "Biomaterials research at the Institute of General Chemical Engineering (RTU)". The lector: prof. Jānis Ločs (RTU).

Institute of General Chemical Engineering (IGCE) team carries out fundamental and applied studies in various fields of chemical technology and materials science. Institute has modern research infrastructure and is actively involved in several research projects. Continuous cooperation with industry, other research centres and start-ups ensures high impact and visibility of the IGCE.

Main scientific directions of IGCE
1. Biomaterials and drug delivery systems for bone tissue replacement and regeneration.
2. Eco materials – development and research of environmentally friendly materials, including the exploration of Latvian natural resources.
3. Biotechnology.
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The lecture will be given in English.