Katodluminescences spektroskopija pusvadītāju zinātnei

Šajā seminārā uzstājās Christian Monachon, PhD (Attolight AG) ar tēmu Katodluminescences spektroskopija pusvadītāju zinātnei. Seminārs angļu valodā.



Cathodoluminescence (CL) spectroscopy consists in studying the low energy (~0.1-10 eV) photons emitted from a semiconductor material upon its excitation with an electron beam. It has several traits making it unique compared to alternative spectroscopy techniques, such as a nm-scale resolution, fast imaging capability, excitation depth control, and independence of materials excitation energy.

These notions will be discussed and applied to a selection of examples of current topics in semiconductors, including 2D materials, III-V semiconductors and photonic devices. The selected applications will be used to conve Attolight’s approach to make CL quantitative, consistent and repeatable, both in normal and picosecond time-resolved mode.