Plasma Process Technology together with Metrology tools delivery

Dr. Hassan Gargouri (SENTECH Instruments GmbH) Atomic layer deposition (ALD) is a thin film deposition technique thatis based on the sequential use of a gas phase chemical process. ALD isconsidered a subclass of chemical vapour deposition. The majority ofALD reactions use two chemicals, typically called precursors. Theseprecursors react with the surface of a material one at a time in asequential, self-limiting, manner. Through the repeated exposure toseparate precursors, a thin film is slowly deposited. ALD is a keyprocess in the fabrication of semiconductor devices, and part of the setof tools available for the synthesis of nanomaterials. In this lecture representative from SENTECH Instruments GmbHDr. Hassan Gargouri will describe the principles and possibilities of themethod to obtain thin films of different materials.