The International Workshop „Nanostructured zirconia for optical sensor”

The workshop will be organized in Riga on April 04-05.2011. The venue is at the Institute of Solid State Physics (ISSP UL) University of Latvia (Kengaraga Str. 8) The workshop is related within ERANET MATERA project „Novel Optical Oxygen Sensor for Life and Health Protection Made of Nano-zirconia (OxyNanoSen)”, where the researchers from Poland, Israel, Italia and Latvia participate. The researchers from other countries are welcome also. The aim of Workshop is collecting together the European researchers and engineers, experts in material science, physics and chemistry to develop oxygen sensitive nano-zirconia material for optical sensors. The goals of workshop are:
  • exchange of information on new results;
  • discussion of problems connected with nanopowders use in technical device;
  • Coordination of further activities.
The research results and technical problems of sensor development will be discussed within two days. Starting from 6th April participants of Workshop shall attend the International Conference “Functional Materials and Nanotechnologies” at ISSP. In this Conference invited lectures on main achievements of OxyNanoSen project will be presented by Prof.W.Lojkowski (Poland) and Prof.C.Leonelli (Italy).
Responsible person: Dr. L. Grigorjeva
Sponsored by ERAF project Nr. 2010/0204/2DP/