The International Workshop "Ceramic membranes for energy applications"

The workshop will take place in Riga on April 04-05, 2011 at the hotel “Konventa seta” This event is related to the Institute of Solid State Physics University of Latvia (ISSP) activities within the EC FP7 project “Nanostructured Surface Activated ultra-thin Oxygen Transport Membrane (NASA-OTM)". The goal of this workshop is bringing together European experts in materials science, ceramics, catalysis, to develop new materials for environmentally friendly oxygen permeable membranes for fossil fuel plants which greatly reduce CO2 emission. This research combines both theoretical modeling and experimental verification of novel ultra thin membrane materials (mostly multicomponent perovskites). Technical problems will be discussed in the first two days whereas in third day, on 6th April, the main state-of-the-art achievements in this activities will be presented at the opening of the International Conference “Functional Materials and Nanotechnologies” at ISSP in four invited lectures by representatives from Juelich Research Center, Germany, Riso Energy Institute, Denmark, Institute for Chemical Technology, Spain, and ISSP, Latvia. Responsible persons: Dr E.Kotomin, A. Popov Sponsored by ERAF project Nr. 2010/0204/2DP/