EUROfusion monitoring meeting of the project AWP15-ENR-01/UL-01

EUROfusion project AWP15-ENR-01/UL-01 'When and how ODS particles are formed? - X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy and atomic-scale modelling of ODS steels' monitoring meeting was held at the Institute of Solid State physics on January 25, 2015. Project members and EUROfusion representatives intensively discussed about expected project  results, possibilities, future tasks and struggles. 
This project, coordinated by ISSP UL, is carried out in collaboration with Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT, Germany), and its goal is to advance the understanding of ODS particle formation and incorporation processes, using the possibilities, provided by X-ray absorption spectroscopy, multi-scale theoretical modeling approaches and high-performance computing systems. Within this project the X-ray absorption measurements will be carried out at international synchrotron radiation  facilities both for ODS steels samples, produced by KIT, and for model materials (thin films), produced in ISSP, to obtain unique information regarding local surrounding of atoms of different types in ODS material, as well as atomic and electronic structure of ODS particles. On the other hand, using state-of-the-art atomistic simulation techniques, a better understanding of interactions of oxide nanoparticles with steel matrix will be obtained, and one will be able to follow the formation process of ODS particles in details. ​​​​​​​