PhD thesis

Summary of written and defended Doctoral thesis in ISSP UL.

2018J. MikelsoneHolographic recording and surface relief grating formation in azobenzene compounds Dr. phys. Janis Teteris
M. Zubkins Development of transparent conducting ZnO based films deposition process and films characterization Dr. habil. phys. Juris Purans
2017G. Mozolevskis

Dielectric breakdown of high voltage liquid crystal displays 

Prof. Dr. habil.phys. Arturs Medvids

Dr. phys. Martins Rutkis

A. AntuzevicsLocal structure of s-state rare earth ions in fluorides and oxyfluoride glass ceramics Prof. Dr. habil. phys. U. Rogulis
L. Shirmane

Vacuum ultraviolet excitation spectroscopy of nanostructured complex oxide phosphors 

Dr. phys. Vladimirs Pankratovs
2015K. JurasevskaDevelopment of psychophysical pseudoisochromatic test and evaluation of color discrimination threshold Prof. Dr. habil. phys. M. Ozolins
E. NitissInvestigations of nonlinear optical organic glass waveguides and their applications Dr. phys. M. Rutkis
G. KucinskisThe study of nanostructured bulk and thin film LiFePO4 cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries Dr. chem. G. Bajars
R. ZabelsSwift-ion-induced modifications of structure and micromechanical properties in wide-gap ionic crystals Dr. habil. phys. J. Maniks
U. GertnersPhoto induced surface modulation in amorphous chalcogenides Dr. phys. J. Teteris
J. GrubeLuminescence processes in Er3+ doped NaLaF4 

Dr. habil. phys. M. Springis

Dr. phys. A. Sarakovskis

J. LatvelsPhotoelectrical properties of innovative organic materials for solar cells Dr. habil. sc. ing., profesore D. Blumberga
Dr. habil. phys. I. Muzikante
J. TimoshenkoReverse Monte Carlo Modelling of Structural ond Thermal Disorder in Crystalline Materials Dr. phys. A. Kuzmins
2014A. AnspoksStudies Of Local Structure Relaxation In Nanomaterials Dr. phys. A. Kuzmins
A. VoitkansStructure and photophysical processes in 0D&1D InGaN composite materials Prof. Dr. habil. phys. I. Tale
M. DuncePhase transitions and physical properties of Na1/2Bi1/2TiO3-based solid solutions Dr. habil. phys. A. Sternbergs
2013I. SmeltereLead-free ferroelectric ceramics based on alkali niobates Prof. Dr. habil. phys. M.Knite
2012A. VembrisOptical and optoelectrical properties of pyranyliden fragment containing dyes 
Dr. habil. phys. I. Muzikante
V. KorsaksLuminescence processes in different structured boron nitride materials Dr. habil. phy. B. Berzina
V. KaritansInfluence of optical and neural factors on quality of the perceived image Prof. Dr. habil. phys. M. Ozolins
A. KalinkoInterpretation of X-ray absorption spectra using molecular dynamics simulations Dr. phys. A. Kuzmins
D. BocharovFirst principles simulations on surface properties and reactivity of sustainable nitride nuclear fuels Dr. chem. Yu. Zhukovskii
2011J. ProskurinsStudies of Quantum Chaos and Phase Transitions in Nuclear Models 
Dr. habil. phys. J. Tambergs
M. SorohovsTlBr crystal optical, electrical and surface properties investigation: X-ray and γ –ray detectors development Dr. habil. phys. L. Grigorjeva
J. HodakovskaResearch of materials for membranes and membrane-electrode assembly for application in fuel cells Dr. phys. J. Kleperis
S. FominsShape and color in image recognite Prof. Dr. habil. phys. M. Ozolins
E. ElstsSpectroscopic Studies of Scintillator Materials: CsI:Tl, CdWO4:Mo and Tb activated oxyfluorides Prof. Dr. habil. phys. U. Rogulis
2010A. GerbredersAmorphous chalcogenide photoresists research and development Dr. phys. J. Teteris
E. SledevskisThe photoinduced processes in chalcogenide films by continuous and pulse laser exposure Dr. phys. J. Teteris
G. IkaunieksVision in high light scattering conditions Prof. Dr. habil. phys. M. Ozolins
K. SmitsLuminescence of zirconia nanocrystals Dr. habil. phys. D. Millers
A. SarakovskisSynthesis and up-conversion luminescence of erbium doped lanthanum containing fluoride structures 
Dr. habil. phys. M. Springis
2009J. ButikovaLaser ablation spectroscopy for impurity depth profiling in hot wall materials of thermonuclear fusion reactors Prof. Dr. habil. phys. I. Tale
2008R. PaeglisMeasurements of the kinematics of the eye in describing cognitive processesProf. Dr. habil. phys. I. Lacis
A. FedotovsEPR of radiation defects in fluoride crystals and in oxyfluoride glass ceramics Asoc. prof. Dr. habil. phys. U. Rogulis
O. BalcersPhotothermal properties of amorphous chalcogenide thin filmsDr. phys. J. Teteris
I. AulikaOptical depth profile and phase transitions investigation of NaNbO3 and Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 thin filmsDr. phys. V. Zauls
2007L. DimitrocenkoSynthesis of complex fluoride single crystals, glass ceramics containing nano-crystals and their optical propertiesAsoc. prof. Dr. habil. phys. U. Rogulis
L. GrinbergaResearch of new composite materials for hydrogen storage Dr. phys. J. Kleperis
2005E. TamanisNanostructure layers deposition in Penning discharge source, their modifications and physical propertiesDr. habil. phys. J. Maniks
M. KundzinsOptical and electrophysical properties of heterostructure ferroelectric materials Prof. Dr. habil. phys. G. Liberts
2004R. PokulisStructural changes in fullerite C60 induced by light-irradiation and ambient oxygen Dr. habil. phys. J. Maniks
G. KruminaCorrelation between stereothreshold and quality of monocular stimuli Prof. Dr. habil. phys. I. Lacis
Prof. Dr. habil. phys. M. Ozolins


ISSP UL staff members have written and defended their thesis abroad

2008J. MastrikovsFirst-principles calculations of LaMnO3 surface reactivityStuttgart University, Germany
2007V. KashchejevQuantum pumping in mesoscopic systemsBen Gurion University, Isreael
2006D. GryaznovDiffusion modelling in nanocrystalsStuttgart University, Germany
2003S. PiskunovsElectronic structure of perfect and defective perovskite crystals by means of ab initio hybrid functional theoryOsnabrück University, Germany