Institute of Solid State Physics UL (ISSP UL) offers services for characterization of the properties of solid state materials. For these purposes High-technology infrastructure is available at ISSP UL providing resources for advanced analysis, synthesis and processing of the materials. 

See below for available equipment or see the full equipment list.

To find out more about the possibilities of a measurement or capabilities of a tool please contact our main contact Olga Bogdanova through


In order to facilitate wider cooperation between the Institute of Solid State physics UL (ISSP UL) and Latvian and foreign commercial companies in the field of material-based high technology, we have created Materize, a new platform for cooperation with the industry.

Materize objective is to make our scientific expertise, skills, and experience benefitial and easily accessible for the industry and businesses.

ISSP UL develops technologies that involve innovative materials that help creating new products in the high-tech industry, to support industry in development of new applications and commercialisation of the new technologies.

More information on the platform website:

The cost of the services consists of cost of the devices utilization and operators work. Amount of the cost depends on particular analytical equipment involved and necessary qualification of the operator.

All available equipment is categorized into five classes depending on complexity and amortization costs of the particular device. Additional costs of the counsumables should be taken into account.

A – Basic laboratory equipment,

B – Basic measurement devices,

C – Analytical methods of medium complexity, lasers,

D – Electron microscopes, high resolution optical and magnetic resonance spektroscopy methods,

E – Advanced matherial synthesis and analysis methods.