The core of Nanotechnology centre is 650 m2 large cleanroom with cleanliness ranging from ISO 4 to ISO 8 with state-of-the-art equipment and expertise for cutting edge nano and micro fabrication both in fundamental research and device development.


Cleanroom ensures continuous improvements and quality control based on ISO 9001

Nanotechnology centre is a part of EUROnanoLAB


Thin films



Polymer photonics

1D and 2D material nanodevices

Wide range of thin film deposition techniques and development of new materials Using PDMS and alternative non-absorbing materials we are focusing on applications in biology: organs on chips and extracellular vesicles Full fabrication and characterization cycle Interferometers, modulators, ring resonators and other devices utilizing non-linear properties of organic materials Graphene and nanowires based sensors and other devices


    Thermal evaporation, magnetron sputtering (DC,RF, reactive, HIPIMS), pulsed laser deposition, atomic layer deposition, plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition, ink-jet printing, spin-coating

    Electron beam lithography, UV lithography, direct laser writer

    Reactive ion etching, wet etching

    SEM-FIB, EDS, EBDS, STEM, TEM, profilers, probe station, optical microscopes, drop shape analyzer, XPS, EPR and other spectroscopical characterization available

    Glove boxes, wire bonders, HMDS oven, plasma asher, 3D printing, fume hoods etc. Electrochemical investigation and gas analysis


With its extensive facilities, the Nanotechnology centre offers a wide spectrum of opportunities for R & D activities.

It is an open-access research laboratory and hosts both elite academic research and a multitude of industrial collaborations.

Cleanroom Operational group:

Cleanroom operational group is responsible for the safety and infrastructure of the ISSP UL cleanroom, such as ventilation and exhaust systems, electricity, clean dry air, house gases etc.


M: +371 20221109

Cleanroom Operational group members:

Head of ISSP UL Cleanroom: Valdis Korsaks
M: +371 6437272

Service Engineer: Janis Lipenits
M: +371 29479648

IT Service: Jānis Busenbergs
M: +371 26374996

ISSP UL Director: Andris Anspoks
P: +371 67187816

1. ISSP UL employee

  • Contact to Head of ISSP UL Cleanroom
  • General Safety Training
  • Cleanroom safety and correct behaviour training (4.5 h) + LIMS training (1 h),  (LIMS if needed)
  • Get access to the cleanroom

2. External academic, external industrials, and other users

  • Contact to MATERIZE Projects Unit
  • to MATERIZE Projects Unit confirm external user’s industrial relations with ISSP UL
  • General Safety Training
  • Cleanroom safety and correct behaviour training + LIMS training (if needed)
  • Get access to the cleanroom

MATERIZE Projects Unit contacts:

T: +371 6633 4488

Responsible for General safety training:

Raitis Siatkovskis
M: +371 29459864

Responsible for Cleanroom safety and correct behaviour training:

Dr. Phys. Valdis Korsaks
M: +371 26437272

The user must apply before course. Write an email to responsible for cleanroom safety and correct behaviour training (write date when you plan attend the course).