The Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia (ISSP UL) is an independent legal entity founded by the University of Latvia.

Institute is internationally recognized leader in the materials sciences and cross-disciplinary topics in the Baltic States. It provides internationally competitive research and innovative solutions for industrial applications.

The ISSP UL vision is sustainable growth of excellence in material sciences in order to contribute to research, development and innovation at the world level by creating and maintaining competitive research environment and world-class scientists.

The ISSP UL mission is to transfer excellence in materials sciences into highly educated people and innovation.

The ISSP UL goal is to strengthen the Institute as Centre for Excellence in Material Research and transfer it into Material Research & Innovation Centre.

The ISSP UL is located in 10 000 moffice and laboratory building with modern infrastructure and well equipped 680 m2 ISO class 7-8 cleanroom space. Out of 316 ISSP UL employees, 98 have PhD degree and more than one quarter of them are students and early stage researchers.

Research at the ISSP UL is conducted according to the Research Programme of ISSP UL. The Research Programme is updated every year and is taken as basis for annual action plan, which is used to cascade Institutes goals to appropriate laboratories and researchers. The key research goals lay under four Priority Research Fields:

  1. Theoretical and experimental studies of materials structure and properties;
  2. Nanotechnology, thin films, nanomaterials, and ceramics;
  3. Functional materials for photonics and electronics;
  4. Materials for energy harvesting and storage.