Computing resources

Latvian SuperCluster (LASC), installed at the Institute of Solid State Physics of the University of Latvia (ISSP UL).

The LASC system is a heterogenous Beowulf-type cluster, based on reliable Intel multiprocessor servers, connected together via Gigabit Ethernet networks and running Linux RedHat operating system.

The LASC system conforms to the following criteria:

  • High Productivity - high speed processing of relatively huge data volumes
  • High Availability - reliable system, accessible from Internet, Dial-Up and local terminals
  • Scalability - possibility to increase computational power in the future
  • Low Cost - for hardware and software (initial, upgrade, repairing)
  • Easy Maintenance - no special personal required
  • Security - free access on pre-registration basis

For more information please visit LASC homepage here.