Research and Industrial Automation Group is made up of specialists in practical electronics and is engaged in the development and manufacture of new equipment and measuring devices for scientific experiments and more.

Our main activities include:

  • development and production of unique measuring and control systems and equipment
  • automatic command and control systems
  • and other electronics and industry related processes


Our team

Research and Industrial Automation Group

Scientific degree Name Surname Position Contact information
Dr.phys. Alberts Kristiņš Leading researcher and Head of the laboratory Alberts.Kristins
  Sergejs Gvozdevs Computer system designer Sergejs.Gvozdevs
Mg. Jānis Melderis Leading Radio Electronics Engineer Janis.Melderis
Mg. Juris Veinbergs Leading Radio Electronics Engineer Juris.Veinbergs
Mg. Irina Gvardina Leading Programming Engineer Irina.Gvardina
  Pjotrs Kaļiņikovs Engineer Pjotrs.Kalinikovs


For many years, at the request of physicists and other organizations of the University of Latvia, we developed and manufactured specialized research equipment (photon meters, taummeters, thermostats, pulse selectors, specialized power supplies, etc.).

We have been constantly trying to increase the level of commercialization of research developments since the establishment of the Laboratory of Semiconductor Physics and the ISSP of the University of Latvia. The very financial side of the establishment and construction of the ISSP UL was largely provided by contract work developed and carried out by the radio electronics department, the design office and the workshop, which was commissioned by the leading USSR scientific institutes and the military industrial complex.

We have always promoted cooperation between the academic and business sectors and supported joint research with project partners (for example, ERDF project together with SIA FONONS). By the order of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia, we developed and installed a radiation control system for the Skrunda locator. We set up an automated system for monitoring and collecting environmental quality monitoring data for the State Environmental Agency, as well as implementing dozens of other projects.