ERAF Project Nr.2010/0275/2DP//

The general objective of the project is to produce an innovative materials and technologies and RTD of the diffractive optical elements.

The main purpose of the project is to investigate the new kind of high-speed tunable Bragg reflector which is integrated into planar structures for 0.3 -20 mm spectrum range.

At the project implementation emphasis will be put on research of the innovative optical materials for diffractive optical elements by holographic method. The main operations on material and technology research to produce the innovative diffractive optical element Bragg reflector will be the following:

1. An investigation on photoinduced processes and holographic recording using the organic and inorganic materials.

· Amorphous chalcogenide semiconductors (ISSP+ Partner Nr.1)

· Organic photopolymers and composites;

· Nanoparticles dispersed in polymers (ISSP+ Partner Nr.2)

2. The recording and research of Bragg gratings with changeable properties by the Electric field:

· The impact of the electric field on the optical anisotropy characteristics of liquid crystals and azobenzene polymers.

· The impact of the electric field on the optical anisotropy characteristics and orientation of nanoparticles.

3. To produce a prototype of the manageable Bragg reflector and its parameter optimization.

The project realization place: Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia.

The project partners:

· University of Daugavpils

· Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Riga Technical University

· SIA Hologramma

The duration of the project: 36 month

Total project costs: 313 410 LVL