New technology for biohydrogen production and separation in process od anaerobic fermentation (2011 - 2013)

ERAF Project No. 2010/0326/2DP/

During the project research activities in material technologies, engineering sciences and biotechnologies will be carried out, to develop new technology for bio-hydrogen production and separation in the process of anaerobic fermentation. Socioeconomic and business aspects will be also studied for developed technology during the project. With developed technology it will be possible to produce hydrogen in industrial scale in anaerobic fermentation plants, which now are used for biogas production. As raw materials for bio-hydrogen production can be used different agricultural, forestry and food industry by-products and wastes as well as energetic crop.

As the results of the project it is planned to submit two abroad patent applications and to construct prototype of a pilot hardware set for the hydrogen production and separation for 2000 m3 bioreactor of anaerobic fermentation plant.

Project is realized by Institute of Physical Research and Biomechanics in cooperation with two scientific partners – Latvia University of Agriculture and Institute of Solid State Physics University of Latvia (ISSP UL) and commercial partner – SPD Energo Ltd. From ISSP UL in project are working researchers G.Vaivars, J.Kleperis and G.Chikvaidze.