Within the framework of the project it is planned to comprehensively improve the technology of manufacture of polymer electro-optical modulator prototype (PEOM) and develop new PEOM prototype based on the accumulated experimental and theoretical research experience as well as on the planned industrial research and experimental.

It is planned to develop 3 new products: 1 PEOM prototype, 1 active material used in the prototype with high chromophore density and 2 non-linear optical chromophores for use in the material with an enhanced molecular hyperpolarizability.

2 new technologies (techniques) will be developed: 1 for PEOM manufacture and 1 for acquisition of the active material used in it.

The project is planned as synergy between several scientific sectors and sub-sectors. The development of the PEOM prototype is related to Optics (13.7), research on the materials used in PEOM – to sub-sectors Photonics materials (26.3) and Material chemistry (20.12), whereas the synthesis of chromophore, the active component of the materials, to Organic chemistry (20.2). The project will be implemented by two scientific organizations, as there is no separate scientific institution, in which the above mentioned sectors are well developed and specialized to achieve the necessary result. Usually the industrial research is carried out in several stages each of which does not cover synergy of more than 2 different sub-sefctors. The planned synergy of 4 sub-sectors and previous experience gives the project special advantages and provides the basis for development of the polymer electro-optical modulator prototype in such a short period. The project is planned to be implemented at the premises of Institute of Solid State Physics (ISSP), University of Latvia in Riga, Ķengaraga street 8 and at the premises of Institute of Applied Chemistry (IAC), RTU in Riga, Āzenes street 14.

The project is implemented with the support of Activity 2.1.1. “Support for Science and Research” of priority 2.1. “Science and Innovation” of European Regional Development Fund (ERAF) program “Entrepreneurship and Innovations”. Project No. 2010/0308/2DP/

Homepage: peom.lu.lv.