Development of new technology to obtain hydrogen and calcium carbonate in chemical reaction of biomass and alkali (2011 - 2013)

ERAF Project No. 2010/0329/2DP/

The overall aim of the Project is the development of an effective, cheap and accessible production methods of calcium carbonate, valid for soil desacidizing, as well as for hydrogen and reductions of exhaust gas emission.

The specific aim of the Project is the development of a new chemical reactor for obtaining hydrogen and calcium carbonate by reaction of resources available in Latvia - mineral resources, biomass and biological waste - with alkali, and the development of membrane for selective separation of hydrogen.

Project is realized by Institute of Physical Research and Biomechanics in cooperation with two scientific partners – Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry and Institute of Solid State Physics University of Latvia (ISSP UL) and commercial partner – SPD Energo Ltd. From ISSP UL in project are working G.Vaivars and J.Kleperis.