ERAF Project No. 2010/0188/2DP/

Project Implementer: Institute of Industrial Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Riga Technical University (the Head of Project – Professor Ivars Rankis)

Project partners: Institute of Solid State Physics of University of Latvia (ISSP UL) and Institute of Physical Energetics (IPE)

The overall goal: to promote the integration of science and industry, and implement the research results on power electronics and material science areas in the development of autonomous, the wind and hydrogen energy-based power system, that could replace the existing fossil fuel-based systems, such as domestic diesel generators, gas microturbines, etc. The project provides for a separate power supply and storage equipment prototypes and verify the operation of the overall energy production-storage-usage system.

From the ISSP UL in project are involved: researchers Janis Kleperis, Liga Grinberga, Gunars Bajars, Janis Straumens, engineers Laimonis Jekabsons and Vladimirs Nemcevs.