Laboratory of Materials Morphology and Structure Investigations has been established recently and focuses on the study of materials structure, morphology and composition using modern experimental and theoretical methods. This is a method-based laboratory providing services to other research laboratories.

Scientific degree Name Surname Position Phone number E-mail
Dr.phys. Krisjanis Smits Head of laboratory; Senior researcher 67187478
Dr.phys. Ilze Manika Senior researcher 67261132
Dr.phys. Faina Muktepavela Senior researcher 67261132
Dr.habil.phys. Janis Maniks Senior researcher 67261132
MSc. Karlis Kundzins Researcher 67187875
BSc. Liga Bikse Engineer
  Jelena Susinska Engineer
BSc. Rolands Grants Engineer 67261132
  Kristians Kacers Engineer
BSc. Olafs Slabkovskis Engineer
  Eriks Vilunas Engineer

The laboratory has four main research pillars:

  • electron microscopy methods (I),
  • X-ray and electron diffraction methods (II),
  • microhardness and nanoindention methods (III),
  • atomic force microscopy (IV).