Project number: KC-PI-2020/25

Duration of the first phase: 01.04.2020. – 30.09.2020.

Project scientific leader: Dr. Krisjanis Smits

Project implementer: Institute of Solid State Physics University of Latvia

The aim of the project is to create and test a compact spectrometer system for application in precision farming. The system will use real-time spectral analysis of light reflected from plants. The collected data will make it possible to control the rational use of agricultural chemicals.

The equipment will perform measurements, data analysis and transfer data to precision agricultural equipment for controlled use of chemicals.

The use of such equipment will significantly save farmers' resources and promote green farming practices by reducing the amount of chemicals used in agriculture without losing productivity.

The maximum support funding for the technical and economic feasibility study of the project and the development of the commercialization strategy is up to 25,000.00 EUR, including the European Regional Development Fund funding of 25,000.00 EUR.