EXAFS Spectroscopy Laboratory (EXAFS Lab) focuses on the study of materials structure using synchrotron radiation X-ray absorption spectroscopy.

The aim of the laboratory is to develop the method of X-ray absorption spectroscopy and its application in material science, to maintain high ISSP UL potential in the field and to expand further the ISSP UL cooperation with the existing and new European Union synchrotron radiation centers.

Our experimental possibilities include but are not limited to several techniques such as X-ray absorption spectroscopy, confocal spectromicroscopy and X-ray diffraction.

We use advanced theoretical calculations and simulations of experimental data to gain insight on the structure-property relationships in materials.

Our laboratory is also involved in the teaching process at the University of Latvia and provides students with opportunities to participate in research activities during Bachelor, Master and Doctoral level programs.

Scientific degree Name Surname Position Phone number E-mail
Dr.phys.Aleksejs KuzminsHead of the laboratory and Leading researcher67251691A.Kuzmin
Dr.phys.Andris AnspoksLeading researcher67251691Andris.Anspoks
Dr.phys.Aleksandrs KaļinkoLeading researcher67251691Aleksandrs.Kalinko
Dr.rer.nat.Georgijs BakradzeResearcher67251691Georgijs.Bakradze
Mg.Inga PudžaResearch Assistant67251691Inga.Pudza
Jūlija LukaševičaEngineer67251691Julija.Lukasevica
Vitalijs DimitrijevsEngineer67251691Vitalijs.Dimitrijevs
  • Development of methods for the analysis and modelling of X-ray absorption spectra using different theoretical approaches.

We develop advanced data analysis methods for extracting structural information from X-ray absorption spectra. 

  • Development of new experimental methods and their applications in the field of X-ray absorption spectroscopy.

We are involved in the development and use of new experimental methods at synchrotron radiation centres.

  • Study of structural properties of different materials using synchrotron radiation X-ray absorption spectroscopy.

We conduct systematic studies based on synchrotron radiation X-ray absorption spectroscopy to better understand and optimize the functional properties of various materials

  • A review of modern methods for the analysis of X-ray absorption spectra based on molecular dynamics and reverse Monte Carlo simulations has been published (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.radphyschem.2018.12.032).
  • The work “Neural network approach to EXAFS analysis” (doi: 10.1103/physrevlett.120.225502) was recognized among the best at the ELETTRA synchrotron center in 2018 and included in ELETTRA Highlights 2018-2019.
  • The work “Origin of pressure-induced metallization in Cu3N: an X-ray absorption spectroscopy study” (doi: 10.1002/pssb.201870141) was featured on Physica Status Solidi B journal cover.


  • DESY/HASYLAB synchrotron center
  • Institute for Applied Materials-Applied Materials Physics
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


  • SOLEIL synchrotron center


  • ELETTRA synchrotron center


  • University of Minho


  • ALBA synchrotron center


  • KTH
  • RISE Acreo


  • Stony Brook University


  • Wigner Research Centre for Physics


  • Department of Chemistry, St.Petersburg State University
  • Joint Institute for Nuclear Research


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