Type: Latvian Science Council grant

Agreement No: LZP-2020/1-0261

Duration: 2021 - 2023

Project Leader: Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia, Dr. Phys. Boris Polyakov

Total budget: 299 991,00 EUR

Project description:

In this project, we plan to develop and to investigate new charge density wave (CDW) material hybrid nanowire heterostructures suitable for photodetection in a wide wavelength range. The project idea is based on the combination of CDW material shell and semiconductor nanowire core, resulting in hybrid core-shell nanowires. We plan to investigate layered CDW hybrid systems growth on substrates with a hexagonal crystal structure that are stable in a corrosive sulfur atmosphere, such as GaN, InN, and ZnS, and on materials that can be converted to sulfides, such as ZnO (ZnS). The layered CDW materials to be studied are mainly transition metal chalcogenides (TaS2, VS2, VSe2, TiSe2, etc.). Several synthesis methods will be used and compared to grow the shell of the CDW material (eg pulsating layer deposition, magnetron sputtering, etc.). The electronic and optoelectronic properties of the core-shell nanowires will be studied by integrating them into a single nanowire device, such as a field effect transistor and a phototransistor. The project includes theoretical calculations aimed at studying the structure and properties of the core-shell interface.