Development of scientific infrastructure for the National Research centre of nanostructured and multifunctional materials, constructions and technologies

ERDF Project No.: 2011/0041/2DP/

Duration: 01.01.2012.–31.08.2015.

Leader: Institute of Solid State Physics, UL

Partners: University of Latvia (UL), Rīga Technical University (RTU), Institute of Physics (UL), Institute of Polymer Mechanics (UL), Institute of Inorganic Chemistry (RTU)

Funding: 10 965 230, 44 EUR (ERDF funding 9 782 156, 90 EUR)

Objective: To establish a research, training and innovation centre joining study and scientific work in a virtual and realistic way, and providing world-class scientific equipment for international research.

Result: All participants' institutions have significantly improved their scientific infrastructure and working environment - 607 m² of clean rooms have been built and equipped, 2276 m² of laboratories have been reconstructed, partly financed the construction of the Academic Centre for Natural Sciences of University of Latvia. Renovated laboratories have been equipped with 54 new research infrastructure complexes not yet available in Latvia, as well as modernized 6 unique hardware units, which are now available to researchers of all institutions, as well as students and doctoral students.