Physical processes in multi-layer and multicomponent structures (2009 - 2012)

Project leaders: Dr.hab Phys. Inta Muzikante (2009-2011), Dr.hab.Phys. Ivars Tāle (2012)

Research topics: the physical processes materials constituting either the single and multilayer structures of organic and inorganic materials, as well as the so-called hybrid organic/inorganic structures having modified new mechanical, optical, electrical and dozimetric properties. Research directions are the following:

  • Synthesis of new organic and inorganic materials of alkali metan-nionbath and their solid solutions, using the solid solution synthesis, and chemical precipitation methods;
  • Development of methods for synthesis of nanostructured materials, modification of their mechanical properties by thermal, ulsed light beam and ion beam;
  • Research of macro- and nano-size effects of luminescence and radiation energy accumulation in solids.
  • Radiation effect on electron emission characteristics of vinilidhen fluoride-trifluorethylen copolymer-PbS nanoparticle glasses;
  • Investigaton of holographic recording, relaxation and optical erassing processes in amorphus chacegenide and compounds.
  • Development of interface organic-inorganic compounds for transformation of light radiation energy in electrical, and electrical energy in electromagnetic radiation.