Project coordinator Dr. habil. phys. Eugene Kotomin

Project participants

  • Dr. phys. A. Popov
  • Dr.phys. S. Piskunov
  • Dr.phys. V. Dimza
  • B. Sc. I. Isakovicha

Duration (years) 2019-2020

ABO3 perovskite surface properties are very important for microelectronics, catalysis and other applications. These properties depend not only on surface quality, but also on reconstruction, defects, polarity, termination (AO vai BO2) and temperature (due to phase transitions in the bulk and on surface). In this project, systematic studies of the perovskite surfaces at low temperatures will be perofrmed combining experimental and theoretical methods. Special attention will be paid to low-temperature reflection high-energy electron diffraction (RHEED) applied to both perfect and defective surfaces accompaned with the DFT first principles computer simulations. The obtained results will be compared with Raman vibrational properties and cathodoluminesce.