Project partners:

Kaunas University of Technology (Prof. Juozas Vidas Gražulevičius), Department of Photonics, National Sun Yat-sen Universty (Dr. Li-Yin Chen), Institute of Solid State Physics University of Latvia (Dr. Martins Rutkis);

Project abstract:

Recent advances in organic optoelectronic devices such as organic light-emitting devices, organic and hybrid solar cells have called for new effective electroactive organic materials. Further advances of these technologies substantially rely on development and studying of high-performance air stable organic charge-transport materials with the balanced transport of both electrons and holes, theoretical understanding of charge transport in condensed organic systems and their application in optoelectronic devices. These have been the main objectives of this joint project. To achieve such objectives, this joint project has therefore assembled an interdisciplinary team, which has a wide range of backgrounds: from quantum chemical calculations, synthetic organic and polymer chemistry, materials characterization, photoelectrical and optical analyses of condensed organic materials to organic thin film processing and device fabrication. With such objectives and expertise of the team members, the scope of this joint project will include quantum chemical calculations and the design of effective electroactive compounds, synthesis of new air stable ambipolar organic semiconductors, preparation and manipulation of materials into different condensed phases, characterization of charge transport properties in solid state, detailed investigation of transport mechanisms and correlation with molecular structures and morphology etc., and pursuit of possible optoelectronic applications of developed materials.