Type: EUROfusion

Project duration: 2021 - 2025

Project manager: Prof. E.A. Kotomin, ISSP, UL

Total funding: 530 KEUR

Project summary: 

This project is part of the Eurofusion research on new advanced materials for DEMO reactors. Our main focus is on optical and dielectric materials, including Al2O3 (corundum), MgAl2O4 spinel, amorphous SiO2. The main problem is understanding of the radiation induced damage in these materials under different types of irradiation (neutrons, electrons, ions, protons) and their degradation. To this aim, we combine a number of the best experimental and theoretical methods, to characterize radiation defects and their evolution. Our partners in this project include leading experts from Spain, France, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Estonia etc.


WPMAT FM partners:

EUROFUSION Gerald Pintsuk g.pintsuk@fz-juelich.de
EUROFUSION Giacomo Aiello Giacomo.Aiello@euro-fusion.org
CIEMAT  (Spain) Rafael Vila Rafael.vila@ciemat.es
IPPLM (Poland)

Lukasz Ciupinski

Agnieszka Krawczyńska



KIT (Germany) Theo Scherer theo.scherer@kit.edu
TARTU (Estonia) Aleksandr Lushchik aleksandr.lushchik@ut.ee
VR (Sweden)

Marek Rubel

Per Petersson



UL (Latvia)

Eugene Kotomin

Anatoli Popov



CEA (France) Andrei Kanaev andrei.kanaev@lspm.cnr.sfr
EK-CER  / MTA (Hungary)

Ferenc Gillemot

Ildiko Szenthe