Thermoelectric radiation sensor (2018 - 2021)

Agreement: KC-PI-2017/40

Duration of the 2nd phase: 21.03.2018. - 20.03.2021.

Project leader: Dr. Phys. Mārtiņš Rutkis

Project task: To commercialize a new technologically innovative thermoelectric radiation sensor for spectroscopic equipment. Spectroscopic methods are widely used in economics - environmental monitoring, food quality determination, forensics, pharmacy, chemical industry and others.

The maximum total cost of the 2nd phase: EUR 316 500; ERDF share of 90%.

During the 1st phase, the Commercialization strategy, Feasibility study and Plans for the Commercialization Event were developed.

During the 2nd stage, a sensor prototype is being developed and tested under real-world conditions, raising the technology readiness level to TRL6.