Agreement: KC-PI-2017/40

Duration of the 2nd phase: 21.03.2018. - 31.05.2021.

Project leader: Dr. Phys. Mārtiņš Rutkis

Project task: To commercialize a new technologically innovative thermoelectric radiation sensor for spectroscopic equipment. Spectroscopic methods are widely used in economics - environmental monitoring, food quality determination, forensics, pharmacy, chemical industry and others.

The maximum total cost of the 2nd phase: EUR 316 500; ERDF share of 90%.

During the 1st phase, the Commercialization strategy, Feasibility study and Plans for the Commercialization Event were developed.

During the 2nd stage thermoelectric sensor technology has been developed to prototypes at a level that can be tested in specific companies and adapted to their needs (TRL 7). The developed sensor technology is suitable for creating laser power meters. The sensor has unique features, such as high-speed performance of 1MHz, a wide spectral range and the ability to adjust it with specific absorption layers, as well as the size of the sensor does not affect its high-speed performance. The set of these features is unique. During the project, the largest manufacturers of laser power meters have been identified and addressed, introduced to the technology, and negotiated licensing opportunities.