Mass-manufacturable gut on a chip device (2020)


Project number: KC-PI-2020/24

Duration of the first phase: 01.04.2020. – 30.09.2020.

Project scientific leader: Dr. Roberts Rimša

Project implementer: Institute of Solid State Physics University of Latvia


Project aimis to develop a gut-on-chip microphysiological system that is compatible with mass-manufacturing processes. Gut-on-chip is a microfluidic device that allows to replicate certain human gut functions by creating an interface between epithelial and endothelial human cells. This has a potential to replace animal testing.

During the 1st phase, a feasibility study and a commercialization strategy of the technology transfer project are to be developed.

The maximum support funding for the technical and economic feasibility study of the project and the development of the commercialization strategy is up to 25,000.00 EUR, including the European Regional Development Fund funding of 25,000.00 EUR.