Project number: KC-PI-2020/48

Duration of the first phase: 01.04.2020. – 30.09.2020.

Project scientific leader: Dr. Andris Fedotovs

Project implementer: Institute of Solid State Physics University of Latvia

The aim of the project is to develop and commercialize a nanostructured infrared (IR) radiation visualizer, with which it is possible to detect a wide power range of IR radiation, evaluate the radiation power and track the course of radiation in the optical system. The potential product is an efficient phosphor material that converts invisible IR radiation to green or red light, depending on the power of the IR radiation, and has a low manufacturing cost. It is a semi-transparent infrared imager made on the basis of nanostructured glass-ceramics containing polymer and ions of rare earth elements.

The maximum support funding for the technical and economic feasibility study of the project and the development of the commercialization strategy is up to 25,000.00 EUR, including the European Regional Development Fund funding of 25,000.00 EUR.