Duration of the first phase: 6 months (1.04.2020 – 30.09.2020)

Project scientific manager: Dr.phys. Jānis Kleperis

Project implementer: Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia

By decision from 31.03.2020. No. NOS-TP-2020/350 The Latvian Investment and Development Agency approved the allocation of funding for the implementation of the first stage of the project “Directly driven generator with electricity storage facility from water waves (DD-WWG)”.

The aim of the commercialization project is to demonstrate that directly-acting generators are practical and functional for water wave energy collection. The product of the project is an original design solution for a linear generator/family of generators powered by a magnet on a float axis, which is built into a larger structure with a function of energy harvesting and storage for various applications. Competitive advantages include low costs and improved wave energy collection. The technology can be adapted to different forms of energy storage and applications in both mobile and stationary systems.

The maximum support funding for the technical and economic feasibility study of the project and the development of the commercialization strategy is up to 25,000.00 EUR, including the European Regional Development Fund funding of 25,000.00 EUR.