ERAF Project Nr.2010/0245/2DP/

General aim of the project:

A general goal of the Project is increasing of solar silicon production efficiency, decreasing of energy capacity, and exclusion of the ecological pollution factor what allows achieving decreasing of silicon production prime cost.

During the course of realization of Project there’s envisaged performance of many-sided polycrystalline silicon remelting researches with a practical trend what will allow to develop industry silicon leftovers’ processing technology by obtaining high purity degree silicon suitable for production of solar elements. A possible innovative solution of the problem is an application of a powerful beam of electrons for melting of silicon in the vacuum furnace and for further direct crystallization of the material by casting what allows obtaining of a renewed polycrystalline material what further may be directly used for production of solar panels. An advantage of the method is purity of the process allowing in one chamber all manipulations – both melting and purification of the material up to the necessary degree by way of zoned remelting. The offered remelting method excludes application of compounds of the dangerous silane and thus being completely harmless to the environment as well as due to the efficient heating process consumes several times less energy than traditional silicon purification processes.

In the offered project it’s envisaged to elaborate an innovative polycrystalline silicon purification technology what in the production process consumes approximately 5-6 times less electric energy and does not cause (threats of ecological pollution) a negative impact to the surrounding environment and toxic risk for the human. If such type technology in the future would be widely put into production, accordingly the cost of solar elements would diminish at least 5 times what accordingly would reduce the cost of the alternatively obtained energy and would promote a wide spread of solar electro modules.