Within the framework of activity “Attraction of Human Resources to Science” of the European Social Fund, Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia implements project “Nanomaterials for Perspective Energy Efficient Solutions” from December 1, 2009 to November 30, 2012.

he project has created a new scientific group for research, attracting additional (new) employees to science 9.38 PLE, and employing a total of 14.95 PLE (19 researchers). This is an interdisciplinary research project, the implementation of which requires the use of methods of physics (solid state, semiconductor, chemical, materials and theoretical physics sub-sectors), chemistry (inorganic and physical chemistry sub-sectors) and materials science (material physics sub-sectors).

Cooperation with higher education institutions (eg Daugavpils University, Osnabrück University) and scientific research centers (eg Karlsruhe Research Center) is planned in the implementation of activities.

Both the scientific supervisor of the project and main executors of important stages of the project are young scientists. The scientific group includes a re-emigrated Latvian scientist. The project involves young scientists, doctoral students, degree applicants, masters and master students.

Project homepage "Nanomaterials for Perspective Energy Efficient Solutions”

No: 2009/0202/1DP/

(2009 - 2012)