1. Establishment of a new interdisciplinary research group for young scientists

2. Creation of new jobs

3. Research

3.1. Cause-effect studies in cases of visual overload

3.1.1. Research on estimation of visual triangle

3.1.2. Factors influencing the quality of visual perception

3.1.3. Research on processing of visual information

3.2. Development of multifunctional vision stress diagnostics method

3.2.1. Development of algorithms, technical solutions for assessment of visual parameters and conception

3.2.2. Testing, comparison with standard methods, development

3.2.3. Development of prototype and patent search

3.3. Preparation of scientific publications and reports

3.3.1. Presentation of research results in Latvian and international conferences

3.3.2. Preparation and submission of scientific articles for publication (Web of Science and/or Scopus database journals)

3.3.3. Preparation and submission of original scientific articles for publication (with citation index ≥50% from TRJCR®)