ESF project No. 2013/0015/1DP/

Within the framework of the project, a new scientific group will be established at the ISSP UL with the general aim of attracting additional human resources 6 PLE. The group consists of 3 young scientists, 1 doctoral student, 1 foreign scientist and 1 scientist.

The project’s scientific study aims at research of innovative multifunctional materials for transparent electronics and photonics, corresponding to the national science axis “Innovative Materials and Technologies”. The intended materials are metallic nanowires, transparent semiconductors and unleaded segnetoelectrics. The results will be published in at least ten original scientific articles in SCI journals and one new method will be developed which will allow to derive material model parameters from x-ray absorption spectra. 

Project’s funding is 497990.91 EUR, including ESF funding in the amount of 448837.80 EUR (90.13%). The place of project implementation is ISSP UL, its total duration is 23 months (01.10.2013 - 31.08.2015).