Scientifical supervisor: Dr. Roberts Eglitis

Duration of the project: 01.12.2013. – 31.08.2015.

ESF Number: 2013/0046/1DP/


In the framework of the ESF project a new scientifical group will be established in the Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia, and additionally 6.75 FTE scientifical positions will be created. The new scientifical group will consist of 6 young scientists and 2 scientists. Total funding of the project will be 459431.08 EUR, and (90.13 %) from this total money will consist from the ESF funding. The scientifical goal of the project is experimental and theoretical investigation of technologically important materials. Especial emphasis during the work on the project will be on ab initio calculations of technologically important ABO3 perovskite surfaces and defects therein, as well as theoretical interpretation of available experimental data. Thin films of ABO3 perovskites play an important role in many microelectronics, catalysis and other hihg technology applications, and often are used as a substrate for growth of other materials, as for example copper superconductors. This is interdisciplinary physics project which will conjoin the solid state, semiconductor, chemical , material and theoretical physics, as well as material science directions. The project will be carried out in a close colloboration with our Riga Technical University.