M.EraNet project

Project acronym: MyND

Project coordinator: Ruvins Ferbers, UL Laser Centre

Partners: Laser centre, Centre for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC), Vilnius University, ISSP UL

Participants, ISSP UL: Dr. habil. phys. Linards Skuja

Official beginning of the project: October 1, 2015

Overall project budget: 309 968 EUR

The Magnetometry on the Nanoscale with Diamonds (MyND) project seeks to improve sensors based on nitrogen vacancy (NV) defect centres in diamonds by through new theoretical insights and by the application of novel techniques to magnetic field imaging. These insights will be subsequently applied to generating new knowledge about oxygen sensing and the behaviour of singlet oxygen in SiO2 matrices as well as to opening up a new window on research about the fluid- and magneto-dynamics of self-directed magnetic microdevices. The result of the project will be new scientific understanding of NV centre physics that will improve sensing, in particular of magnetic fields, but also of temperature and pressure. The knowledge gained has the potential to open new technologies (e.g., novel oxygen sensors) and improve other technological fields (e.g., manufacture of magnetic nanoparticles and development of self-propelled microdevices).