MPNS COST Action MP1106

Representative: Gunars Bajars

Bubbles and drops are entities of enormous practical interest since their interfaces are met in numerous industrial processes and applications of every day life. In order to enhance efficiency, the creation of revolutionary Smart interfaces is demanded: interfaces that are easily manipulated with well-controlled size and properties. The acute modern environmental problems require attributing eco-friendly features to Smart interfaces by incorporating innovative materials or processes. The outcome is Smart and Green (S&G) interfaces. The objective of this Action is to organize a network of groups from academia and industry in order to identify best strategies and means to produce S&G interfaces. Furthermore, state-of-the-art experimental, theoretical and numerical work will be combined to acquire insight into the underlying phenomena through the scales and across the disciplines for the implementation of S&G interfaces in industrial, environmental and biomedical applications. The Action’s main deliverables are the networking between groups working on different aspects of S&G interfaces through organization of scientific events, training schools and STSMs, and the industrial interface to market new technologies. The professional perspectives of ESRs will be boosted through an extensive mobility program. The Action’s main benefit is the endorsement of the European scientific and industrial leadership in this field.

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