COST Action

No. CA18112 - Mechanochemistry for Sustainable Industry

27.02.2019 - 26.02.2023

Representatives of Latvia in the COST Action Management Committee Dr. Kirill SHUBIN (OSI), Dr Edgars ELSTS (CFI)

The Mechanochemistry for Sustainable Industry (Mech@SusInd) network is formed to face several challenges which are in the EU agenda.

Physicists, chemists and engineers form a multi-faceted community with long tradition in mechanochemical studies and unique expertise to spend in enabling technologies. Beside them, a community of technologists, entrepreneurs, industrialists and investors are ready to address the exploitation of mechanical activation methodologies in the production of chemicals. For EU, taking the lead in mechanochemistry is a unique opportunity of scientific and technological growth that intrinsically bears the promise of sustainable innovation in chemical industry and definite stimulation of economy. 

Solid reactions allow exploring new synthetic pathways which can lead to new control over stereoselectivity or stoichiometric efficiency/atom economy.  Moreover, the different processes of the reactions lead to the investigation and access to poorly soluble, but cheaper reactants or new raw material.