Prof. Antonio Bianconi

Prof. Antonio Bianconi
RICMASS, Rome International Center for Materials Science Superstripes, Roma, Italy
Nanoscale Phase Separation in Two-dimensional Layers in the Limit of a Few Unit Cells Controlling Material Functionalities Unveiled by Scanning Submicron XRD 

Prof. Antonio Bianconi graduated in Physics in Rome university in 1969.

Full professor of Physics since 1986 in l’Aquila University and Rome University in Italy.

Has held the Chair of Biophysics at the La Sapienza University of Roma (1992-2012).

Visiting Professor in the Stanford University in USA , Univ of Paris VI in France, Tokyo University in Japan.

Antonio Bianconi is Director of the Rome International Center for Materials Science Superstripes.

President of the association for scientific culture Superstripes, associated at the Institute of Crystallography of Italian National Research Council.

He has been member of the Scientific Committees of various international institutions, and of many international conferences. He is in the editorial board member of several international journals.

He has been main lecturer in many international conferences.

His main scientific interests are in local lattice fluctuations in complex materials.

He is a pioneer of synchrotron radiation research first at Frascati syncrotron 1972-1975; Stanford SSRL 1976-1980; Frascati Adone storage ring 1980-1987; and later at the synchrotron facilities of Lure (Paris), Photon-Factory(Tsukuba), ESRF (Grenoble), and Elettra (Trieste). He has invented the name XANES spectroscopy in 1980, having identified the key role of shape resonances in x-ray absorption spectra near the absorption edge. He has identified many body effects in core excitations of correlated electronic systems. He has resolved the local structure of active sites in metalloproteins, of complex oxides and of high temperature superconductor. In the field of high temperature superconductors he has first identified the charge carriers as holes in the oxygen orbital and the stripes scenario of local lattice fluctuations.

He is chairman of the Series Int. Conferences on Stripes, and director of the Superstripes schools at the E. Majorana Center in Erice.

Recently has showed the key role of nanoscale phase phase separation in unconventional high temperature superconductors developing a new experimental method: scanning micro x-ray diffraction.

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