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On May 21, 2016 the Solar Cup Race was held for the 9th time at the Institute of Solid State Physics (ISSP UL) to promote and develop the knowledge of Latvian youth on environmentally friendly and energy efficient solutions in today’s transport sector.

As part of the event, the pupils had to build solar-powered vehicle models from the materials given and/or available to participate in the races in speed, power and water disciplines. At the Solar Cup 2016 closing event, the pupils of grades 5-12 had opportunity to demonstrate their ideas, knowledge and skills in usage of energy efficient and renewable resources by participating in races with water, land and air vehicle models powered by pure solar energy.

Also in 2016 the traditional People’s class and Master’s class race models were built by teams of 2-3 people (from one school not more than 3 teams) and the organizers sent identical engine kits and solar panels (for People’s class) to each of the teams.

In recent years children had already proven their ability to make small solar-powered models of land and water vehicles, there have been difficulties with the air vehicles though. During the past eight years the event had grown, participants had educated themselves and the ISSP UL Solar Cup has devoted circle of supporters from schools in different parts of Latvia and Riga.


NEW! In 2016, a new category was announced – a competition-parade for a single-person (pupil) driven electric solar vehicles. The cost of the parts is higher for such model and the work to put in – greater, so we encourage the schools to make only one team (10 people) and look for sponsors to raise the funding.

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