Discussion on the Establishment of Nano-Photonic Platform at the Institute of Solid State Physics

Dr.phys. Aivars Vembris (ISSP UL) at the scientific workshop of the Institute of Solid State Physics on March 3 at 13:00, Ķengaraga street 8, 2nd floor hall.

A platform – clearly defined program of activities, set of requirements, views (explanatory dictionary).
Grants of Latvian Council of Science, projects of European Regional Development Fund and others are implemented at the Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia. The projects in which materials for photonics applications are studied and photonic structures are created. Each project defines its own activities, and in several cases, at the end of the project, the achieved results remain only in the form of publications. Within the framework of the photonics platform, these results would be pooled to form a knowledge base within which further development-oriented activities could be formulated. Within the framework of the nano-photonics platform, it is planned to create a strong photonics trend, which would involve ISSP UL laboratories.
The nano-photonics platform has three objectives:

  1. To develop and standardize research of photonic materials and design of photonic devices.
  2. To develop the direction of nano-photonics in ISSP to the world level with the directed goal of publishing the results in high-impact journals.
  3. Offering standardized research and structure preparation methods to academic departments and industry.

The seminar is intended as a discussion to understand the views and interests of ISSP laboratories in setting up the platform.