Reinis Baranovskis (FMF UL Master’s student, Institute of Physics UL) speaks at scientific workshop of ISSP UL Doctoral School “Functional Materials and Nanotechnologies”, B course of Master’s program „Topical Problems of Materials and Solid State Physics”, December 7, at 13:00, ISSP UL, Ķengaraga street 8, 2nd floor hall.

In metallurgy, liquid metal stirring is necessary to homogenize the temperature and composition. A new two rotating cylinder permanent magnet system for liquid metal stirring will be described. It has low energy consumption and large variety of possible flows compared to existing methods. The developed system was first elaborated and tested using GaInSn eutectic alloy, followed by liquid aluminium. The experimental equipment is modeled to produce results that are scalable on an industrial scale for small and medium sized aluminum furnaces. The system described in this paper was experimentally investigated using the ultrasonic Doppler flow velocity measurement method, as well as the micro structure of the stirred material itself after solidification and electromagnetic effects. Flow rate measurements confirm the effectiveness and potential of the proposed technology for industrial applications.