Visual indication of mechanical damages in polymer composites

MSc. Olga Bulderberga (Institute of Polymer Mechanics, University of Latvia (Laboratory of Long-Term Properties of Materials))

Nowadays, the use of fibre-reinforced polymer composite materials (PCM) in such industries as shipbuilding, aviation, energy, construction is common and understandable. The use of PCM is explained by their unique mechanical properties and it is growing every year. At the same time, the application area of PCM also grows, thus making the question about structural health monitoring more actual.

Unfortunately, internal damage of such material is not always visible. Non-destructive testing methods for fiber reinforced composites with epoxy matrix are very costly and usually are related to the use complex equipment. Developed in LU PMI damage visualization method can be successfully used for composites with big surfaces, it provides the reduction of inspection time and non-equipment permanent inspection.

During the seminar the application areas of PCM, manufacturing methods and present damage monitoring methods will be discussed. More detailed the damage visualization method for PCM will be observed.