Piezoresistive effect in elastomer/nanographite composites

MSc. Artis Linarts (Rigas Technical University, Institute of Technical Physics)

The demand of mechanical detection sensors in daily live and industrial usage has been increasing in the past several years. Reversible and significant piezoresistive effect of elastomer/nanographite composites makes these materials potentially applicable for various shape and size mechanical sensor manufacture which are capable to detect mechanical action in a very wide range. The combination of these properties together with cheap raw materials, simple sensor manufacture and monitoring makes them potentially attractive for industrial sensor manufacture.

The purpose of this work is to provide insight into manufacturing conditions of these sensors, advantages and disadvantages of piezoresistive sensors as well as potential application of entirely hyper elastic pressure sensor systems. The impact of various carbon allotropes and concentrations on elastomer/nanographite composite piezoresistive properties will be discussed as well as the dependence of mechanical load frequency in range from 0,01 to 45 Hz.