Doctor of physics Anatolijs Šarakovskis

Leading researcher, deputy director, head of Laboratory of Spectrocopy, associated professor, corresponding member of Latvian Academy of Sciences. Conducts research on luminescence in different materials to make our lives brighter.


Also Anatolijs - a person among you in a billiard room, cooks and stews, crochets and sews.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom always to tell the difference. /K.Vonnegut/ 

Doctor of physics Andris Antuzevičs

Leading researcher at the Laboratory of Spectroscopy, assistant professor in the Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Optometry and author of enrties in the Latvian National Encyclopedia. An enthusiast of EPR spectroscopy unravelling mysteries of unpaired electrons in magnetic field to enrich fundamental knowledge about the role of defects in solids.

Also Andris - a dancer in science and physicist who dances.

PhD in physics Jeļena Butikova

#EUROfusion LV project manager who specialises in laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy and investigates the impurities in the plasma-facing materials so that the fusion reactor can became a routine thing for everyone as soon as possible.

Ļena is a professional user of blood glucose sensors, a fragrance enthusiast, and boxing gloves fits her hands as good latex ones.

Cthulhu Fhtagn! 

Future doctor of physics Natālija Tetervenoka

Researcher at the Laboratory of Organic materials. Knows how to handle a cleanroom cluster and studies the properties of organic LEDs to make monitors and TV screens even better in the future!

Also Natālija - an athlete running marathons among you and a real master in the kitchen!

Doctor of Physics and future doctor of physics Kaspars and Inga Pudži

Young and talented, winners of scientific awards and scholarships, study various properties of functional materials to be able to control and use them in practical applications. Kaspars works on thermoelectric properties where heat energy can be directly converted into electricity. Kaspars uses this effect to create a sensor that detects not only heat but also light. Whereas Inga in her dissertation uses X-rays to study various thermochromic materials that change their color under the influence of temperature, opening up the possibility of using them as temperature indicators. Together, the two are working on research of new composite materials for the X-ray detector.

Inga and Kaspars Pudži - a family, people with backpacks and tents in the mountains and plains, cyclists and nature lovers.

Whatever you do, try to do it as best you can!

Future doctor of physics Ainars Knoks

Reasercher at the Laboratory of Materials for energy harvesting and storage. Tackles pollution problems by investigating nanostructured titanium oxide and its properties for use in pollution degradation via solar radiation.

Also Ainārs - a knight studying the lifestyle and history of Semigallian tribes by reconstructing their lifestyle during  10th-11th centuries, trained in martial arts, a champion of reenactment tournament of sword fight at Mežotne castle mound,  owner of taekwondo 2nd degree black belt.

Scienti pro Patria!

Doctor of Physics Līga Grīnberga

Head of Information and Communication Department, L'Oreal Baltic scholarship winner, corresponding member of Latvian Academy of Sciences.

In science she is passionate about hydrogen energy, organizes conferences and events, and clearly knows that physicists are NORMAL people!

Also Līga - a person who prefers reading Simenon and Wolles, digs flower beds and enjoys Pin-up girls

However, life goes on just right,
For the one who has a horse
that sings at night!
/O. Vācietis/