Materials characterization  

Manufacturer and Model



  • Sample excitation by X-rays (Rh tube) focused by polycapillary fiber lens, minimum spot size 50 microns (fwhm)
  • Energy-dispersive liquid N2-cooled Si detector with Be window, suitable for detecting of XRF of chemical elements ranging from Na to U
  • Large sample chamber with computer-controlled translation (x-y-z) stage
  • Analysis can be performed in air or vacuum (in case of light elements)
  • Linear 1D and 2D distributions (maps) of chemical elements in the sample can be measured
  • Built-in additional options: set of filters in the primary (excitation) X-ray beam, and variable focusing spot size

Applications and capabilities

General application for express-analysis of elemental composition of different materials and devices. Compared to electron microscope-based XRF microanalyzers, no special sample preparation is required.

The main limitation is the inability to detect elements lighter than sodium (Na). Both basic components and trace impurities in the samples can be analyzed.

Dependent on the element of interest and sample composition, sensitivity up to 100 ppm can be reached. Imaging and depth profiling to map the distribution of components of a material by utilizing confocal microscope equipment.