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Manufacturer and Model

F&S Bondtec - 53xx BDA


Manual universal thin wire bonder 53XX BDA. It has built-in motorized Y-axis is fully programmable and produces an entire bond loop, complete with programmable tear-off function and tail definition. 

Two bond processes:

  • ball-wedge bonding
  • wedge-wedge bonding

Wire 17.5-50 μm.

Bonde force programmable 5-300 cN

Control modes:

  • step by step
  • manual
  • semi-auto production mode

Loop Types: triangular, rectangular, reverse, stitch, all programmable.

Travel range:

  • Z axis 60 mm, 1 μm resolution
  • Y axis 25 mm, 2 μm resolution

Substrate holder: 95 mm Ø, vacuum and mechanical clamping, 200o C